Training Instructor

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Upon beginning Gundam Battle Operation 2, you will be placed in a tutorial to learn basic controls, and following that, a second tutorial explaining the functions of the Base Camp, which is where you will find yourself at the Training Instructor. The Information Center also doubles as a hub for additional tutorials that can both teach the player more advanced combat mechanics, and net them a few additional rewards, from DP, Tokens, and Recycle tickets, to the GM Trainer.

Supply Counter

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The primary location for obtaining new equipment, and cosmetics for your Pilot and MS. Including promotional Supply Drop, standard Supply Drop, DP Store, and Recycle Tickets.

Sortie Counter

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Arguably the most important location in the entire Base Camp, the Sortie Counter is where players go to find and play matches.

Rewards Center

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Second only to the Sortie Counter and Supply Counter in importance, this is where Login bonuses, Mission Rewards, and Promotional Rewards are placed to be collected by players.

Mission Control

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A location visited very infrequently, this is where players must go upon completing promotion missions, in order to raise their Rank.



For players who want to get a little bit more performance out of their favorite MS, a trip to the Hangar is a great first step. Placing a MS in one of the four unlockable upgrade bays will, after 70 Hours, increase the upgrade points on a MS by 100 or more, and push it toward its next upgrade. If a player is feeling particularly impatient, and would happen to have them, Mechanics Tickets can be used to speed the process, however, while a MS is in the Hangars, it is still able to be deployed for matches, so there is little need to rush.

Clan Camp

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Looking for a Clan, or to make one? Or perhaps you wish to accept a Clan Invite, or leave your current one? This is your first stop. As most players will generally join a Clan with their friends, there is little need to frequent this facility.

Battle Simulator

Battle sim.PNG

Want to put your skills to the test? Go on over to the Battle Simulator. Here you can test your skills against A.I. enemies, with these simulators you can earn multiple rewards, ranging from parts to tokens! If you want to join up with a friend, select the "Multiplayer" option. If you're a lone wolf, or want to see if you can do it by yourself, pick the "Single Player" option. Let's not forget the best part, "Attack of the Psycho Gundam."

Clan Terminal

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So you found yourself a Clan? Great! This is where you go to check on its Status, as well as the status of Members, and to trigger Clan Rewards to be sent to the Rewards Center.

Monitor Space

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The last of the Facilities in the Base Camp, this serves as a notice board for recent updates, and promotions, and features a large screen which displays the current featured Mobile Suit(s).

Character Gallery

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