Ground Maps

Impact Site


A small map with 4 beacons, the Impact Site features small buildings around the center of the map, a crashed Zanzibar and long tunnel between main carriers to the south, and numerous hills, ridges, and mountains to use for cover or maneuvering. The only non-MS vehicles on this map are Wappas.

Port Base


A large map with 4 beacons, the Port Base features numerous large buildings, an air craft carrier and submarine dry-dock on the north section of the map, and in the south central section of the map is 3 HLV launch pads surrounded by a deep trench with ramps. There is a single Magella tank near the southern beacon, and Wappas by each team's carrier.

In recent updates this map now has two different variations besides the default original. The first that was introduced is an evening variant featuring an orange sky with the sun setting in the distance. Partway into a match the three HLV's located in the center of the map on this variant will launch one by one until they have all departed. During this time thick smoke will heavily saturate the area surrounding the HLV that is taking off making it very difficult to see which could lead to unexpected attacks or a clever means of retreating unseen. Oddly enough when opening a Custom Match room and on the Rating and Quick Match this map's name has (Sunrise) added to it despite it clearly being an evening setting.

The second variation of this map was added during an update to introduce water combat to the game. This variant is named (High Tide) and features the large trench flooded (presumably by an incoming high tide) to where any mobile suits that venture into it will be affected in movement, thrust and melee attack speed performance to a certain degree. In this variant the Magella tank located near Beacon C has been removed and the dry-dock located in the north-eastern section of the map has also flooded.

Tropical Desert


The Tropical Desert is a medium sized, round map with 5 beacons. Shaped somewhat like a crater with medium sized hills scattered about, and sand ridges circling a larger hill in the center of the map. There are Magella Attack Tanks at the northern and southern beacons as well as at each team's carrier location. After the water combat update the dry bed in the northwest corner (seemingly as a cosmetic addition) had water added that despite its shallow depth and small size still registers as affecting movement.

Deserted City


A medium to large sized map, featured originally in Gundam Battle Operation, this map features many alleyways, large buildings, and two large open areas divided by a pair of large buildings, and a long strip of narrower buildings. There are six beacons on this map, of which two serve as the main contested spawn points. There are Type 61 Battle Tanks at each team's carrier, as well as at the north east and south west checkpoints.



A small sized map featuring 3 beacons, it was based upon a similar map by the same name in Gundam Battle Operation. It is characterized by its hilly and mountainous terrain, a large stone arch, a tunnel connecting the main carrier bases, and many ridges overlooking the larger central open areas. This map features Wappas at the carrier bases and the central checkpoint.

City Ruins

City Ruins.png

A city that has been though hell and back. Collapsed buildings and barren of life. It has a stadium-like building in the middle with multiple passages around and one through it. A stealth mobile suit's paradise. Multiple ways to corner enemies and to hide from them. Most Support type mobile suits may have a hard time keeping track of enemy raid mobile suits, due to the vast amount of ways to hide and make the enemy keep on their toes. There are also Canal trenches (since flooded with water) that can be used effectively by stealth mobile suits, with routes that can lead towards the bridges. Speaking of passages, there are many ramp-like walk ways for you to use to get on the bridges that cover half of the map on each side. Don't be too camp-like, you may just get hit by a stealth mobile suit, and that is quite intimidating.

Artic Base

Resize of articbase.png

Based off the location from Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War In The Pocket, A circular map with two pathways from each end to meet at the middle. Hidden tunnels from the far points of the bridges. The obstacle, a spacecraft in the middle, is a destructible object to clear the way to make it easier to travel from both endpoints. The battle will most likely be on either side of the map, or can be a brutal "king-of-the-hill" depending on how the teams are coordinated.

Space Maps

Dark Space


A large space map set in the wreckage of a space colony, featuring 3 beacons, this map had an abundance of debris allowing for a lot of cover, including two large wall like portions near the center of the map. There are RB-79 Balls at both carriers, and a single Skiure near the center beacon, beneath one of these wall like segments.

Resource Satellite


A medium sized space map with a single beacon, the Resource Satellite borders a mining asteroid, and is largely made up of various smaller stationary asteroids, creating a maze like network of attack routes. There is a Skiure and Oggo at both main carriers.

Space Fortress Interior


A map that is far smaller than it appears, as the name would suggest, combat occurs inside a space fortress, and this map is designed to encourage melee combat in space. With four beacons, tunnels to the center area from each carrier, and numerous structures to obstruct longer lines of fire, and a battle between warships occurring outside the northern boundary of the map, this is one of the most interesting maps to date. Support Fire has been disabled for this map, and there are Oggo's at each team's carrier, and the two center checkpoints.

Derelict Colony

Modded pic of new space map.png

A map where a space colony was damaged during a battle. There are multiple passageways to travel through, with an under and upper level of the map. There are six beacon locations, three on "Team A" side and "Team B" side of the map. There are Oggo's located at each main carrier and two RB-79 Balls on this map with one Ball located at Beacon C and the other at Beacon D. Larger than the Space Fortress Interior, though you an get caught by surprise from the enemy turning a corner in front of you. The ability to use Support Fire is disabled, similar to the Space Fortress Interior. During the match, you can see a battle from afar trading shots back and forth.

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