A single person hovercraft armed with a medium caliber machine gun and a small rocket pod, it offers a small speed and offense increase over the pilot's jet pack, but is not well suited for combating a MS.

Type 61 Battle Tank


The Federation's standard Battle Tank, it features a large caliber machine gun, dual cannons able to fire standard or scattering rounds, and smoke dischargers allowing it move and combat MS somewhat effectively.

Magella Attack Tank

Megella tank.png

Zeon's Ground Invasion forces deployed this Tank to supplement its MS forces. Its large calibur cannon, machine gun, and smoke dischargers make it able to combat MS, though at great risk.


RB-79 Ball


Designed as a support fire unit for the Federation's GM, the Ball's cannon offers reliable firepower, however, due to its poor armor, its effectiveness against MS is limited. It's agility allows it to roll out of danger, and its claws are well suited for ramming attacks.

MP-02A Oggo


A hastily constructed space weapon employed by Zeon during the One Year War, the Oggo is armed with a Zaku Machine Gun, and a 6-tube missile launcher. Its armor is minimal, however, like the Ball, it is able to perform rolls to avoid damage.



A heavy weapons platform, it is designed for a mobile suit to dock with the unit and utilize its large beam cannon for extremely long range firepower. However due to its awkward shape, and the mass of it, it is rather slow. While most MS can board the Skiure, those with extremely large sizes due to extended equipment, or lacking two hands and/or legs, are unable to utilize the weapons platform

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