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Here is a (some what) detailed ver of how to make MS Pages.


Drop chance calculator

This is a calculator created in google-docs. Entering the number of items in each category, as well as the number of those items you do not own, this will calculate the odds of receiving a new item via supply drop. Conversely, if you would like to see your chances of getting specific items, set all the numbers in "missing" to the same as the number of items at each rarity that you hope to obtain. Please save a copy to google drive for your own uses as multiple users attempting to access this may result in unnecessary frustrations.

Banner updates from day one to current day MS.


Official listing of Supply Drop items and Monthly MS

If you are unsure if you want to use tokens for Supply drops, consult this link.

English GBO2 Guide

Google Docs Guide created by Redheads featuring up to date information from update notes from the Japanese version of the GBO2 Client.

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Suggestions and Organization Blog

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